"Childhood inspirations and experiences helps to build future"



Harshad from his childhood had great affinity towards arts, craft, science and technology. His school books were filled with sketches. He use to often spend time in the school laboratory studying various things under a microscope. Looking at his inquisitiveness his school teacher issued him a special membership to British Council Library. As a school boy he use to spend great deal of time reading books about engines, aeroplanes, rockets, etc. His hobby mainly included building styrofoam planes, boats and he once even tired to build a rocket.

Initiative - 1993


One day he was introduced to a tiny film roll camera by HotShot. He was inspired with an idea of building a remote controlled plane with that camera fitted on it's belly. Harshad took this idea very seriously but had no money to pursue it. The project was going to cost a lot of money and he knew his parents won't afford it. Somehow he managed to find a way to make money to fund his project by selling seasonal products from door-to-door. Looking at his passion to learn new things and willingness to work hard, his parents supported him in his endeavour. He began selling from door-to-door when he was merely in 7th Grade. *Kindly note these photos are indicative. Harshad is just about 5 years in these pictures.


Black Sport's Bicycle

He soon realised that earning money is not easy. But he never gave up. He paddled more than 20kms selling seasonal products on his bicycle from door-to-door. By the time he was in 10 class he had more than 1000 clients.

At first it was very difficult for him to sell. People slammed doors on his face. He learnt the importance of timing in sales. His father told him "Never knock on doors in the afternoon. People are resting. Try selling between 4pm to 8pm. Don't loose confidence and don't forget to smile."

He learned to how to present himself with confidence. strike a conversation to total strangers, sell them, bill them, manage money, deliver the goods and recover money in time.

By then he had realised that his idea of building a remote controlled plane with a camera was much ahead of those times. So he used his money to fund his other science projects.


Top View of Kids Playing

He realised that to build his science projects he will need people who already have the skills to build them. At teenage he started visiting workshops, developing skills and gathering team to help him out.

He built a sectional model of a 4 stroke engine in wood in 7 grade, a sectional model of hydraulic jack in wood in 8th grade, in 9th grade he made a big styrofoam plane and in 10th grade he made a model of ShoeMaker Levy which got telecasted on national channel.

Harshad learned a lot of things beyond a school curriculum. He learned:
1. Independent thinking and believing in himself
2. Finding greatness within

3. Importance of imagination and researching ideas
4. Importance of money in life and managing it
5. Hard work and managing time
6. Presenting himself with confidence
7. Art of communication and sales
8. Making money from what you love to do
8. Facing rejection and failures

9. Team building and respecting others
10. Making an impact